Anaphora 0.9.4 released [anaphora, lisp, releases]

Just shy of the fifth anniversary of the last release, anaphora 0.9.4 has been released. This release is mostly some accumulated minor bug fixes, though it also adds ALET and SLET.

Anaphora is an anaphoric macro package for Common Lisp, allowing code like this:

(define-binary-type array (type count)
  (:reader (in)
    (aprog1 (make-array count :element-type type)
      (loop for i below count do (setf (svref it i) (read-value type in)))))
  (:writer (out array)
    (loop for v across array do (write-value type out v))))

(defun get-faces (chunk)
  (awhen (recursively-seek-chunk 'face-list chunk)
    (faces-of it)))

(APROG1, IT, and AWHEN are symbols from ANAPHORA).