Shred for Satan initial release [shred-for-satan, midi, ocaml, releases]


Here's a little GTK-based metronome I wrote for Kyla to practice the Molt material. It was created because the material contains a lot of meter and tempo changes, which are hard to practice with a conventional metronome. So this one reads key, meter, and tempo changes from a MIDI file. Since we prepare all our scores with Lilypond, we have MIDI files that include all the requisite information.

It needs ocaml, lablgtk, ocaml-bitstring, and a recent version of ocaml-portaudio (one that uses portaudio v19) to build.

Despite the fact that it uses portaudio, I've only tested it with JACK running. There's something broken in portaudio's interaction with JACK, so you might find that it won't obtain the correct ALSA device if JACK isn't running.